Sugary Photographs with Tricks, Poses and Effects –
A festival on Photography


‘Potemkin village’ refers to the fake settlements erected at the direction of Russian minister Grigory Potyomkin to fool Empress Catherine II during her prospective visit to Crimea (Ukraine) in 1787. The term has come to stand for any construction designed to stage reality for ideological or other ends. The artists in this group exhibition examine the idea of reality as a composition, as something that is staged, whether it is by conscious design or by the human gaze. At the same time, they reflect about the idea of the photographic image as a composition or construction of reality and the photographic nature of reality itself.

Artists: Bert Danckaert, Alwin Lay, Georg Parthen, Ryan Rivadeneira, Anu Vahtra, Yaniv Waissa

FRI: 7pm

20.03. – 04.04.10
WED – FRI: 2pm – 1am
SAT, SUN: 2pm – 7pm


Zendelingenstraat 38A
2140 Antwerpen
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Simple Present #336, Havana – Bert Danckaert, 2010