Traces is the title of Landscape Stories number 04. Trace, clue, wake. Path, scratch, furrow. Print, brand, footprint. Testimony, memory, documentation. Evidence, finding, remain. From the big and transient proportions of Earth and landscape’s skin scars, we go closer until we can decipher and try to understand the wounds that mark the face of a human being. The words that come to our mind are those by Wemer Herzog, about some faces from the film “Herz aus Glas” that recall landscapes.

“I’d be prudent, I’d rather think about the strange phenomena that one has when he looks at some pictures from the 50s, for example. One realises straight away that they are faces from the 50s. In reality I can’t think of faces as if they were like landscapes, maybe I’m particularly allergic to the idea because Kinski always shouted at me when I filmed landscapes. He told me that the human face is by far the most fascinating landscape”.

Simple Present #514 (Mumbai) Bert Danckaert, 2011