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“Sometimes it is as if everything in these pictures was moving but has come to a sudden halt. Or as if someone threw a handful of objects in the air, like in a children’s game, and they landed in an unexpected way – waiting for Bert Danckaert to turn up to photograph them. The situations are ‘everyday’ but the framing removes them from their context and their sense. The funnier the pictures, the more tragic they seem. We are overwhelmed by the ridiculousness of the lives we’ve created for ourselves. The absurdity creates a crazy sort of theatre.”
Lynne Cohen

Make Sense!, hardcover, 112 pages, 47 images (colour)
Photography: Bert Danckaert
Text: Jean-Louis Poitevin – Lynne Cohen
Graphic Design: Kim Beirnaert
Published by POC
Produced by Netwerk vzw and Project & Project vzw
ISBN: 2-915409-10-2
€ 30

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